Testing is a Good Sign

by Adrian W. Hall, MFT, ATR

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"Once we begin using an affirmation, our bluff is called.  Choices arise that test its mettle.  Do we really mean it?  If we affirm "I let go more and more", perhaps losses ail come our way since our unconscious has been instructed that we are ready to let go" (p. 212).

I want to talk about this section of David Richo's book today because I find that we talk about this a lot in conversations about challenges: well, maybe the universe is testing me.  This always seems like a half hearted attempt at feeling hopeful about whatever hardship is occurring.  What David Richo explains in this passage is actually really reassuring.  If you look at the quote that started last week's post, Affirmations for Alignment:  "An affirmation is a positive declaration of what is already true in the unconscious and now is ready to be manifested in conscious life" (p. 209), this makes a lot of sense.  We are sending a message to our unconscious minds that something is true.  And, what will come forward is evidence that it is true.  However, we often times get upset how this alignment shows up.

If the affirmation is that you love more everyday, situations will show up where are called to love more.  That sounds beautiful, right?  Well, maybe it shows up through a co-worker you find annoying approaching you more often or trying to be friends with you.  The situation is calling you to love more.  Love that person more, meaning being compassionate for where they developed their traits that cause them to be annoying to you.  Or, love yourself more and kindly decline their invitation to spend more time together.  Or, love yourself more by taking the opportunity to look inside about why this particular person pushes your buttons.  Does it reflect something about you that you need to love more about yourself?

See, we have the power to affirm what is already true inside us, to align ourselves with who we already are inside.  However, we don't have the power to control how that alignment manifests.  So, next time you are experiencing a challenge, check to see if it has anything to do with the affirmation you have been employing.  Sometimes when I see the affirmation inside the challenge, I know I got it because it makes me laugh.  The realization makes me laugh because it usually seems so literal.  I was using the affirmation recently of letting go of control and something literally slipped out of my hands and caused a big mess.  So, yes, I literally 'let go' and the result of a big mess being created was 'out of my hands'.  The universe really has a sense of humor sometimes.  When these challenges come up and you see the connection with an affirmation you have been using, take it as a signal that it is working and you are actually headed in the right direction!

As within, so without

-Hermes Trismegistus

*This post is written in response to a section in David Richo's book "When Love Meets Fear: Becoming Defense-Less and Resource-Full".